A pet-able bracelet

This design sprang from a basic peyote stitch that needed some … pizzazz. I added a bit of Swarovski crystal and a touch of shiny gold seed beads. And all of a sudden the bracelet became so … pet-able. So alive.

It is 3-dimensional indeed. (Photo: Hinda Mandell)

After I made this gold version I made a shiny blue one for my mom, for Mother’s Day. Good thing she doesn’t read this site!

New peyote stitch design

This weekend was devoted to soaking in some unseasonal rays (sunscreen in March? I’ll take it!) and designing a new style of bracelet. Here’s a peyote stitch with Swarovski fringe. Each bracelet has just over 60 Swarovski sparkles in it.

(Photos: Matthew White)

Now that the warmer weather is upon us, I’m big into bracelet-making. In the winter our necks and wrists are covered and bundled so we have fewer uses for such accessories. But now is the season of jewelry display!

A bracelet that looks like a sea creature

I started this bracelet months ago and finally picked it up tonight to finish it off. I wanted it done-zo. The result? A piece that looks more like it belongs 5,000 feet below - in the Pacific Ocean - than on a wrist. But its bulbous nature is growing on me. I hope not literally.

I guess you never know what a finished piece will look like when you first pick up a needle, thread and bead. Voila! (Photos: Hinda Mandell)

Completed bracelet

A few days ago I showed a “work in progress” of the interconnected flower bracelet. Here is the finished product.

(Photos: Hinda Mandell)

I also completed a sparkly blue and gold-ish pattern. Both will be for sale during my first craft show later this month.

Beads in process

I’m visiting with the folks in Boston. Since I don’t know how to turn on their TV I decided to dive into beading tonight. So I guess it’s no different than any other night. 

One of my favorite patterns of late is this piece that features interconnected, beaded flowers.  They sit on top of a right-angle weave base.


(Photos: Hinda Mandell)

The key to this bracelet, like so much in beadwork and yarn-work, is the tension. If I slack on the tension then the Swarovski beads get all weird-o and sunken-in looking. The pattern’s from a class I took at Let’s Bead in Rochester, N.Y. 

I still have a bunch more flowers to create until I’m done with this bracelet. It’s mega, mega sparkle galore. And that’s what makes me so happy about this pattern. Alright, off to take care of one diversion. My mother has a question about her font selection in her Gmail account. Duty calls.