Thanks to the Mayday visitors

Today’s a post-craft show kinda day.

Yesterday I sold my wares at the Mayday Underground craft show in Rochester. A number of friends stopped by to say hello, which was absolutely delightful.

The big mouth trying to eat my business card? Not so much. (Photos: Hinda Mandell)

But then a welcome reprieve came in the form of people walking by the felted sculptures and bursting into laughter. Always a curious sight.

May you too find some whimsical joy today. Now I need to think about how I can get away with felting my ma a Mother’s Day gift. Back to the felted drawing board … Next up I may tackle big mouth finger puppets. A suggestion of some friends and visitors to my booth. Please stay tuned!

Getting ready for the Mayday Underground craft show

Tonight was a night for inventory, since I’m getting ready for Saturday’s Mayday Underground craft show in Rochester. 

(Photos: Hinda Mandell)

I had 15 big mouths surrounding me earlier in the evening, waiting for labels and price tags. They looked like they wanted to say something.

That’s when I had a realization. What if the big mouths began - suddenly, abruptly - talking to me? If that were to happen then I would know things were a bit … precarious. I had a similar thought once with my dog, Nigel. When he first came into my life I remember looking at him. He looked earnestly back at me. I thought: If you begin talking to me then we’re both in trouble.

But Nigel didn’t talk back. Neither did the big mouths.

They’re now all labeled and ready to make their debut into the world. 

Hope to see you Saturday!